Grocery Gallery

city: Brno
address: Rybářská 10, Brno
curator: Matyáš Chochola
telephone: +420 604 201 676
opening hours: nonstop
gallery opened: 10.01.2008
gallery closed: 25.04.2010

Gallery in a display-case of a grocery store was founded as experimental space for moving the limits in understanding the borders of contemporary art production, as well as from the need to provide with this possibility other cooperating subjects using the Potraviny gallery window-case. The gallery replaced at the beginning of 2008 original decoration in one of two display-cases of functioning grocery store from the end of the 70s, not far from Brno exhibition grounds, opposite of the building of the Faculty of fine arts, whose students like to come here not only for shopping but as well to attend the exhibition openings. The owner of the store Dana Fridová thus became an imaginary gallerist and a person who fuses activities of different character within one small space, whose program sometimes co-operates as an imperative of derived eclecticism of different forms of visual thinking.

The exhibition production of Potraviny gallery, communicating across the rigorously pure styles of the last decade with its own language, showing thus to the field prepared for opened manipulation with terminology, within a space of the size of 156 x 200 x 54cm, represents the art activity of different creative talents as longing or maybe as outburst of sense for new, tearing down the patches of cultural conditionality.

Matyáš Chochola

Potraviny gallery in Brno is an experimental exhibition space of a specific area in one of two window-cases of functioning grocery store. The gallery creates symbiosis between art and consumption.

Darina Alster, Pavel Sterec, Jana Kochánková etc.

Crocery Gallery terminated its production in May 2010 because of the change of the grocery-store owner.