Wallet Gallery

city: mobilní - Brno, Praha
address: mobilní
curator: Klára Břicháčková a Marie Štindlová
e-mail: marie.stindlova@gmail.com
www: http://galerievpenezence.tumblr.com
opening hours: v den vernisáže a na požádání
gallery opened: 03.05.2011
gallery closed: 03.07.2012

As the gallery‘s name straightforward name indicates, it is located in wallet. It considers of two windows just a few centimeters in size located in grandmother-style wallet used by one of the organizers. She always carries it with her and uses it like a regular wallet. Exibition openings take place once every two weeks. The selected artist choose the meeting place and time themeselves. This is one of gallery‘s greatest advantage - it is mobile and complately independent on space. There even exists the possibility of parasitizing off of other institution or taging the exibition opening as an outdoor happening.This concept defines itself in opposition to the usual arrangement in which the viewer and the artist must make their way to gallery. Here, the gallery comes to them. Or the viewer runs into by chance. Another advantage is its financial simplicity. No need to stress out over usual difficulties of running a gallery, instead of it we can focus exclusively on the choice of artists.