Gallery Mayrau

city: Kladno
address: Vinařice u Kladna
curator: Dagmar Šubrtová
telephone: +420 723 436 528
opening hours: pondělí až pátek: 9-15h
gallery opened: 01.03.2002
gallery closed: 06.11.2010

address: Vinařice at Kladno
opening hours:
Mon – Fri : 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
gallery opened: 03-01-2002

Gallery Mayrau was located at the premises of mining open-air museum at the ancient mine Mayrau in Vinařice by Kladno. The curatorial idea of Dagmar Šubrtová was influenced by rough character of the ancient mine, thus the artworks created here are mainly site-specific. Gallery Mayrau forms a part of the mining open-air museum and with its activity it becomes a part of culture heritage education. This beautiful technical monument directly asks for magnificent visual interventions. In 2002 the Centre for contemporary art was opened here. The character of the site, which is industrial and has an enormous potential, is predetermined for sculpture symposia. The program of gallery Mayrau in its beginnings may remind us of the International symposia of spatial forms held at the end of the 60s in Ostrava, which were of great importance to several Czech artists, for example Aleš Veselý or Karel Nepraš, who had used there for the first time cast-iron as a sculptural material. In 2002 sculpture symposia was held as well in gallery Mayrau. Some of the participating artists were: Dagmar Šubrtová, Kurt Gebauer, David Kračka, Tomáš Kůs and Lenka Klodová. Thus the Caterpillar of early capitalism by Kurt Gebauer was created here, which has remained at the site till nowadays. Then created artworks reflected not only the site of the technical monument, but as well the contemporary art and social tendencies. The need to fill the mine with more artworks gradually faded and was replaced by the urge to enrich the space with cultural – artistic dimension, and thus try to connect two at first sight incompatible social communities, that of artists and that of miners. In their mutual symbiosis exceptional art projects were created: i.e. “performing arts” - performances, theatre and concerts, which are merging with contemporary multimedia and reflecting the environment of people living in Kladno region.

Dagmar Šubrtová, Kurt Gebauer, David Kračka, Tomáš Kůs, Lenká Klodová Veronika Bromová, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Miloš Šejn, Jan Hísek, Jonáš Czesaný, Osamu Okamura, Věra Boudníková-Špáňová, Petra Valentová, Ibra Ibrahimovič, Dragan Dragin, Lucie Krejčová, Dan Seen (USA), Arno Peeters and Iris Honderdos (Netherlands), Tarek Zaki (Egypt), students of Ateliéru of sculpture I, VŠUP in Prague etc.