Action Galleries  project at a conference titled "INTIMACY OF THE INDEPENDENT INSTITUTIONS" /conference/

22.10.2011 10 AM – 5 PM

Communication Space Školská 28, Školská 28, Prague 1

The contemporary art world is characterised by an increasingly complex network of institutions, projects and cooperative endeavours reflecting our constant search for new and original artists on the international level. This situation favours international cooperative activities and independent art institutions that are not bound by their funding institutions and can thus develop an independent identity. These aspects of the contemporary art world are the focus of a conference organized by the K4 Gallery. The conference represents the culmination of the Reykjavik-Prague Interbridge project, a long-term collaborative project involving Icelandic and Czech fine art students.

 The conference's aim is to look at possibilities available to independent institutions on the international level. Most conference presentations will look at specific projects and institutions, but others will present a scientific assessment of these conditions and of the possibilities available to modern art. The starting point for these considerations is the hope that we have placed in the authenticity offered by smaller and more independent institutions. Although at first glance, this level of "intimacy" – both in terms of galleries as well as in terms artistic practice – may seem naive and idealistic, on a deeper level it can help to reveal the possibilities available to contemporary art.

K4 group


10–10.30 AM Václav Janoščík: Stereotypes vs. intimacy: the role of an artist in the construction of cultural images (foreword)

10.30–11 AM Lenka Sýkorová: Prague cultural enthusiasm alias artists for artists 

11-11.30 AM Viktor Čech: Contemporary Art Initiative I.D.A.

11.30–12 AM Jana Doudová: UmakArt - You Make Art

12–12.30 AM Jan Pffeifer: Pavilon Gallery 

12.30–1.30 PM Lunch break

1.30–2 PM Klára Břicháčková – Marie Štindlová: Gallery in a purse

2–2.30 PM Viktor Vejvoda: Ducato Gallery 

2.30–3 PM

 Katrína Mogensen – Nikulás Stefán Nikulásson: Another possibilities? The grassroots movement in 

 Iceland is growing up and their work is getting more visible to the public. How? 

3–3.30 PM Ásta Fanney Siggúrdardóttir – Baldvin Einarsson: Art activities in Reykjavik 

3.30–4 PM Markéta Kubačáková: Alternatives and paradoxes of artistic freedom

4–5 PM Diskuse / Discussion 


Conference is a part of the Prague-Reykjavik Intermedia Project which is supported by Eea Grants and Norway Grants. It will be held in english language.

More info http://www.galeriek4.cz/intermost



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