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Galerie Mayrau, Vinařice u Kladna = Stanica Žilina, Slovensko

Dáša Šubrtová from Mayrau gallery at Vinařice at Kladno introduced in her questionnaire Slovak independent cultural space Stanica Žilina-Záriečie


Exhibitions at Mayrau gallery, Vinařice between May and October 2010:

March 21st - June 20th 2010
What we demolished, exhibition prepared by: Benjamin Fragner, Jan Zikmund, Gabriel Fragner, Tomáš Voldráb, Dagmar Šubrtová
The exhibitions is focusing on industrial buildings and premises that were irreparably lost over the last decade.On the occasion of publishing homonymous publication the exhibition is held as part of 5th Vestiges of Industry international biennale with complementary  examples from other regions. The exhibition is to be found in very specific premises of chain dressing room and showers.  

In spring 2010 did the Mining open-air museum Mayrau change its manager who became historian Zdeněk Kuchyňka. With respect to different opinions about placing the artifacts at sightseeing routes decided Dagmar Šubrtová in October 2010 to terminate her cooperation with the open-air museum Mayrau.
for more information see interview with Z. Kuchyňka in Kladno Záporno, spring 2010, no. 8 / supplement: Mayrau nowadays, p.4/

September 5th - October 30th 2010
Passionate collecting, exhibiting artists: Michal Cihlář, Rostislav Blecha, Jaroslav Grubner, Veronika Hilská, Renáta Malá, Věra Nováková, Jakub Pavlík, Petr Pokorný, Vladimír Protiva, Veronika Richterová, Dagmar Šubrtová, Tomáš Voldráb etc.
“Passionate collecting” as an exhibition deals with the phenomena of collecting. All the exhibiting artists perceive collecting as their inspiration. Last exhibition held in former mine in Mayrau.


Stanica Žilina, Slovakia

Stanica gallery forms a part of the functioning train station Žilina-Záriečie, where exhibitions, workshops, concerts and different culture events has been regularly organized since 2003. The cultural traffic junction of a small station, where local people meet train passengers, is based on interconnecting the independent cultural platform, art laboratory and body of activists. Stanica gallery is produced by civic association Truc sphérique which was founded in 1998.

The gallery is both the guest and sending organization in the program European Voluntary Service. As part of the project of European Union “Youth in Action” it provides working possibilities for young people under 30.

Opening hours of the gallery and bar: working days 12 a.m. – 8 p.m. Since summer 2010 it’s been opened as well at the weekends 9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Exhibitions at Stanica Žilina between May and October 2010:

May 8th - 30th 2010
Fairy Tell (Cz/Slo), exhibiting artists: Jitka Sedláková, Klára Žaludová, Veronika Vlková, Magdalena Bažantová, Radana Chocholoušová (all from Czech republic) a Lucija Smodiš (Slovakia)
Curators: Jitka Sedláková (Cz) and Lucija Smodiš (Slo)

The exhibition shows reflection of Czech and Slovak artists of story, myths, legend or fairy tale. The artists are dealing mainly with phenomena of oral tradition of narrated story, with its transition from generation to generation and its perseverance in cultural consciousness of the given society.  

June 10th – July 16th 2010
General stock-taking
Collective exhibition of project “Station for children” and creative works of art department of ZUŠ L. Árvaya.

August 6th – September 3rd 2010
Peter Snadík, Kateřina Kubánková: SlovaKIA
Photographer Peter Snadík and graphic designer Kateřina Kubánková are dealing with the subject matter of mutual relationship of man and robot.

September 5th – October 10th  2010
Tomáš Cetera: Carguzzler
Exhibition curator: Jana Huljaková.
Tomáš Cetera likes to work with artistic media, material and form. He is truly fascinated by classical media, for example the linocut. His installation is thus formed by large-size linocuts whose matrix became the central pillar of the exhibition.

September 16th – October 10th 2010
Stories of two wheels
Petra Pavča is an connoiseur and collector of old bikes, “Stories of two wheels” aka “The life of old bicycles” being his author exhibition.

October 16th - November 15th 2010
Streetart Summit 7, symposium exhibition
Subject matter of the 7th graffiti and street-art symposia was illusion. Ten chosen artists from Slovakia (not only street-artists) were working for four days at Stanica Gallery. For more information see: http://www.stanica.sk/2010/10/16/streetart-summit-7/

Photo gallery:

mayrau-today  -  03012011mayrau-dnes.pdf

Collectibles  -  03012011TZ_sberatelstvi_na_Mayrau.doc

m.odla, Praha = byt, studio a klub 17 m2 Magdy Bielesz ve Varšavě, Polsko

Danda Deutebaum from Prague m.odla gallery introduced in her questionnaire Polish gallery apartment, studio and club 17m2 Magdy Bielesz in Warsaw.


May 2nd - August 5th 2010
Alexandra Vajd and Hynek Alt: Bright eyes burning like fire
Tomáš Vaněk: Particip No. 102
The cooperative owning the house at Antonínská 6 has faced problems with the façade covered by graffiti, with the high cost of new paint and the absurdity of such an investment, since after treatment the graffiti, the sprayers are able to bring the graffiti to its original status within two to four weeks. In agreement with members of the cooperative, I have contacted the artist Tomáš Vaněk, explained our problem and asked him to take up the project of new facade. I asked him to think of a way to cover the current form of the ground floor facade of the house, taking into account also the architectural style in which the house was built.

August 6th - September 19th 2010

Jaro Dufek: Polyecran
Creating atmosphere of a canteen, In the upper part of the gallery - showcase - is placed a piece of lace. In the remaining half a video-projection of food preparetion is shown. In production of this video were involved oll inhabitants fo the house. Jaro Dufek asked each of them what would he/she like to eat in the local canteen.

October 7th - 24th 2010
Daniela Deutelbaum: Twins / Upgrade

this showcase is an exact copy of the showcase nextdoor (Antonínská 4) to our gallery
m.odla. The original intention (which failed) was to expand the exhibition nextdoor.
Instead we transformed and spread m.odla gallery space on Antonínská 6.
It gives now the opportunity for the artist to express himself also by words and text, and
for the spectator to let himself be affected by the name of the artwork and by the name of
the artist.
It indicates the presence of the gallery also from the outside
Daniela Deutebaum

Daniela Deutebaum builts a space in her apartment which I offer to artists for use.
Candidates for AIR Antonínská 6 are encouraged to send their projects and portfolios to deutelbaum@photo5.cz or phone to +420 737 018 666.


Gallery apartment, studio and club 17m2 Magdy Bielesz in Warsaw, ul Sw Franciszka.

The room where you are is 17 sq meters and in the beginning it was supposed to be only an artist studio. After some time it starts to have a second role / function – a flat. from text of Krzysztof Gutfrański

In 2009 sveral cultural events were held in this private space.

Between May and October 2010 no exhibitions were held here.

Photo gallery:

Artists in Residence  -  03012011Artists_in_Residence.doc

Entrance gallery, Praha a Galerie Potraviny, Brno = Galerie Scara, Cieszyn, Polsko

Tereza Velíková a Tereza Severová from Prague gallery Entrance and Matyáš Chochola from Potraviny in Brno introduced Polich gallery Szara.


Exhibitions in gallery Entrance, Prague between May and October 2010:

May 6th -30th 2010
Don’t think about it anymore
Curators: Pavlína Míčová and Marika Kupková
Exhibiting artists: Tereza Janečková, Marika Kupková, Pavlína Míčová
Project of Tereza Janečková, Marika Kupková a Pavlína Míčová deals with moving and merging of the roles of artist, curator and production manager as symptomatic phenomena of contemporary art production. The authors soon abandoned the classical model of thematic of monographic exhibition that should represent the art production emphasizing its (esthetic, social, etc.) value. They decided instead to enregister their own considerations about possible form of the exhibition in one of the ateliers in Karlin Studios object, where the exhibition was held at the same time.

June 6th – July 7th 2010
Niklaus Rüegg / ZIRKUS GRAU (PRÉPARATIONS POUR UN MIRACLE) / Curator: Marko Stamenkovic
The exhibition Zirkus Grau (Préparations pour un miracle), the first individual presentation of Rüeggs work in the Czech Republic, is conceived as a form experiencing the possibilities of art within the value system derived from iconography of certain public event or of a series of consequent events. The exhibition struggles, beyond the frame of mere interpretation, to create kind (though at the same time critical) environment, that will challenge local Prague communities (mainly children and students) to take an active part in a game of exchange.
written by Marek Stamenkovic

September 22nd – October 8th 2010
Fail again
Exhibiting artists: Martin Horák, Jan Nálevka, Marek Meduna, Václav Stratil
Curator: Tereza Stejskalová
The title of the exhibition refers to modernist tradition which, although it mastered the language of art, likes to observe its own incapacity of impossibility to the point when it almost merges in it. Not unlike the characters from Robert Walser’s romans, who take pride in their own insignificance, the works of artists create here the counterpoint to the situation of modern man who is not capable of understanding himself, but keeps persuading others about his powers, knowledge and possibilities.
from press release

October 28th November 28th 2010
10 minutes Sláva Sobotovičová
Curator: Pavlína Morganová
The exhibition “10 minutes” in Entrance Gallery presents the works of Slávka Sobotičová that were created this year directly for the gallery space. The prevailing media is not, as might be expected, video-art but photography. All parts of the exhibition project “10 minutes” deal with time process and movement, within the investigation frame of different perceptions of time flow, that are indicated by plant and animal motives. The only exhibited video invites the spectator into seemingly trivial story documenting vegetal life in the rhythm of a highway.
from text for FlashArt by Lenka Sýkorová

Exhibitions in gallery Potraviny, Brno between May and October 2010:

April 4th – May 1st 2010
Václav Magid

The exhibition of Václava Magida was the last one held in Potraviny gallery because the owner sold her grocery shop to vietnamese store-keepers at the end of April 2010.  

Exhibitions in polish gallery Szara, Cieszyn between May and October 2010:

Szara gallery in Cieszyn in an independent and noncommercial place which is functioning under the auspices of Fundacją Kultury Audiowizualnej „Strefa Szarej”, exhibiting and representing mainly young artists. The main goal of the gallery is to confront and examine Polish, Czech and Slovak art and form the “link” between artists and cultural institutions in these countries. The important part of its program forms as well organizing of concerts, as well as educational lectures, workshops and conferences.  

Szara gallery initiated its activity in October 2002. Since then it has presented over forty artists (e.g. painting, installations, objects, photography, performance). Szara is the space, where and through which many various exchange actions have taken place. It guarantees continuity and fair stability of art functioning.
from text about gallery

April 29th – May 26th 2010
Svätopluk Mikyta - Dieffenbachia Rex
Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, department of  graphic art (1992-1999), where he has been working since 2004 as a tutor. His works are often multilayered, as he likes to use time overlaps from central european past to contemporary periods. The gallery installation forms a radical cross-section of artistic media: starting with ink, to painting, ceramics and ready-made placed into new context.  

July 5th  - 11th 2010
12'00 : Topography of the city | sztuka w przestrzeni Cieszyna
Jiří Franta, David  Böhm, Ronnie Deelen, Karolina Breguła, Jiří Siostrzonek, Paweł Kowzan
Project 12'00 : Topography of the city /Topografia Miasta/ shows the modern city of Cieszyn towards the background of  celebrations of 1200 years from its foundation.

August 8th   - 30th 2010
Łukasz Jaworski | Kaszmir
Curator: Tom Swoboda

October 13th  - November 8th 2010
Mediacje / środowisko (Mediation / Environment)
Exhibiting artists: Jakub Adamec, Wojtek Bąkowski, Bartosz Dziadosz, Anna Molska, Wilhelm Sasnal, Tereza Severova, Marek Wasilewski, Zorka Wollny | koncerty: PLEQ, Łotry [Mateusz Ryszka, Paweł Żugaj, Monika Misztal]

Photo Gallery:

Galerie Petrohrad, Plzeň = Galerie HIT, Bratislava, Slovensko

Tomáš Moravec from gallery Petrohrad in Pilsen introduced Slovac gallery HIT in Bratislava.

Gallery Petrohrad was active for one year only from 2007 to 2008.

HIT Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia

HIT Gallery was created out of initiative of non-profit organization KARTELL in 2003. During its existence, it has been fulfilling the function of an open forum- a platform enabling young and emerging artist to realize their projects and present their works in front of a wider public. Activities of the gallery allow confrontation of professional and amateur public with actual trends in contemporary visual art.
from text about gallery

Exhibitions in gallery Hit, Prague between May and October 2010:

April 27th - May 10th 2010

May 12th - 30th 2010
ART- WORDS / Eva Beierheimer, Miriam Laussegger
The project art-words was developed to be a collection of terms common in art language.  The webpage www.art-words.net offers the possibility to interactively generate art texts using this vocabulary. In that sense, the website provides a tool for articulation management and helps to achieve incompetence compensation competence.
from press release

June 1st- 18th 2010
Exhibiting artists: Hubert Czerepok, Anna Orlikowska, Laura Pawela, Daniel Rumiancew, Katarzyna Skupny, Zorka Wollny, Julia Zborowska
Curator: Piotr Stasiowski

September 2nd- 24th 2010

October 28th - December 20th 2010
Der Drang nach Osten
Curator: Ivan Jurica

Photo Gallery: