Gallery NF

1. Are you trying to eliminate the curatorial aspect in your gallery?

1. Yes. I think that the character of the curator is within the exhibition production of small (alternative) galleries a pointless element. Gallery NF presents above all intimate author exhibitions, where the theme of the exhibition project is provided by each artist individually. Alike in every institution the truth is, the more intermediates, the longer and more complicated takes to reach the goal.

2. What is the concept of your gallery like?

2. General concept of our gallery is, apart from representing contemporary visual art, the very elimination of the role of the curator in exhibition production. The exhibition program (in 2009) is designed as an “artistic relay”, when each exhibiting artist personally chooses the artist, to whom he will pass the upcoming exhibition term. The further strategy of our gallery is an attempt to reduce the financial costs of the exhibitions production to minimum and thus keep the lowest possible dependence on institutions.

3. Do you know about any contemporary art gallery abroad with a similar concept, which is as well run by the artists and whose activity remains in the non-profit sector? Would you give me its website and email address, please? Choose one gallery only.

3. Unfortunately I don’t keep too much track on international independent scene, but an example of Alytus Biennial (Lithuania) came to my mind. This isn’t exactly a gallery, but the artistic activities and international events organized by artists active at the art school in Lithuanian Alytus. These events are carried out mainly in public spaces of town of Alyus.
Contact: Redas Dirzys (, Mantas Kazakevičius (, long-term cooperation with Martin Zet (

4. Are you willing to participate in a small conference held in October 2009 on the subject: Role of the curator in contemporary Czech fine art?

4. Yes

Luděk Prošek and Eva Mráziková