Gallery in Cellar

city: Praha
address: Pohořelec 25, Praha 1
curator: Martin Hrubý, Kryštof Vancl, Viktor Čech
telephone: +420 602 111 500
opening hours: vernisážové výstavy
gallery opened: 24.11.2009
gallery closed: 13.03.2012

opening hours: exhibition openings

The founding of gallery in cellar was stimulated by the fact that one of the gallerists, Kryštof Vancl, lives in the house where the gallery is situated. The locating of the gallery on Pohořelec and the mere atmosphere of the cellar space calls for the site-specific projects. Main idea for opening the gallery was to enhance the opportunities for young art students from all over the Czech Republic to exhibit in Prague. The curators Kryštof Vancl and Martin Hrubý are students of Prague school of applied arts VŠUP, atelier of multimedia communication. The interesting and unified visual style created for this small gallery Anežka Ciglerová.

As time went on Martin Hrubý and Viktor Čech cteated own initiative I.D.A.

Gallery is suspended.

Sadie Renwick, Noam Darom, Matyáš Chochola, Conrad Armstrong, Emilie Segnarbieux and Veronika Dolanská, Isabella Kohlhuber, Milan Mikuláštík and Michal Panoch, Isabela Grosseová, Alexej Klujkov and Vasil Artamonov, Pavel Sterec etc.