Gallery F43

city: Praha
address: Olšanské hřbitovy
curator: Yumiko Ono, Lukáš Berberich (2009-10)
opening hours: nonstop - dle otevírací doby hřbitova
gallery opened: 13.12.2009
gallery closed: 01.07.2010

opening hours: nonstop (see the opening hours of the cemetery)
gallery opened: 12-13-2009

Gallery F43 is located in the premises of Olšany cemetery near the wall, in the neighborhood of street Jana Želivského. The original idea of exhibiting at the cemetery came from Japanese artist Yumiko Ono, now graduate, then student of the school of applied arts VŠUP in atelier of Jiří David. Lukáš Berberich found the idea of scheduled exhibition program so appealing, that he started to organize together with Yumiko Ono regular exhibition openings. The exhibition of Pavel Sterec, Vasil Artamonov and Alexej Klyuykov, Tomáš Džadon, British-German duo Awst & Walther and Jiří David were held here.

“Our exhibition space won’t surprise you by its sheer size, but there could be no doubt about its uniqueness. Gallery F43 is situated at one of the most important Czech grounds of dead – Olšany cemetery. 

We are striving neither for irony nor sarcasm, albeit we want to use the specific quality of the given location, which calls for unusual forms and to artists it embodies indisputable challenge. The pious atmosphere of Olšany cemetery and its magic stimulates unusual thoughts, creative impulses and contemplation.”

Lukáš Berberich a Yumiko Ono

Location of the gallery: