Deniska Schowcase

city: Olomouc
address: Denisova 5, 779 00
curator: Katarina Gatialová, Nina Michlovská, Alexandr Jančík
telephone: + 420 723 167 507
opening hours: nonstop
gallery opened: 07.11.2011

The exhibition space ‘Vitrína Deniska’ is situated on Denisova Street, in the very historic heart of Olomouc. It came into being following the activities of Gallery 36, which operated from 2006 to 2010 in Exhibition Grounds Olomouc under the guidance of Lenka Vítková, later in collaboration with Blanka Švédová.

Since November 2011, every month contemporary Czech and Slovak art is being introduced in ‘Vitrína Deniska’ by trio of curators: Nina Michlovská, Katarína Gatialová and Alexandr Jančík. The curatorial selection of young artists, art students, but also artists already established in Czech and Slovak art world, is dependent on the quality of the artist work, on personal friendships, and on the willingness of selected artists to exhibit in this specific, non-gallery space of a showcase.

During the first year of its existence, following artists presented their work in ‘Vitrína Deniska’: Lenka Vítková, Peter Homola, Anna Balážová & Katarína Hládekov, in 2012 Tomáš Moravec, Adéla Korbičková, Ondřej Vavrečka, Michaela Čevelová, Petr Dub, Andrea Kalinová, Krizový Štáb, Petra Herotová, Vladimír Turner, Karolína Mikesková, Petr Krátký. In 2013, the exhibitions of artists Zuzana Godálová & Anna Kianičková Godálová, Jiří Havlíček, Adéla Sobotková, Jan Švankmajer, Ján Gašparovič, Tereza Sochorová, Peter Liška, Veronika Slámová & Jan Jaroslav Sterec, participants in collective exhibition Conference and Aleš Čermák have so far being carried out; in 2014 Kata Mach and Martin Kochan. The installations are specifically made to meet the showcase 108 x 164 x 34 cm measurements; in most cases, they are direct reactions to the exhibition space itself and its surroundings. The openings are taking place right on the busy street where showcase ‘Vitrína Deniska’ is situated. The visitors are getting in the way to casual passers-by, who thus acquire their confrontation with contemporary art. The openings are always followed by informal discussion and presentation of work by the artist exhibited, held at various places throughout Olomouc.

‘Vitrína Deniska’ also co-organize the video art screenings. In 2010 it was reruns of video programmes compiled of video material from VVP AVU (Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague) archives, concerning the subject of ‘Architecture and Urbanism’. Next year (2011), ‘Béčko’ (B-movie), videos inspired by “inferior” film genres, and in 2012 ‘Kdo se Směje’ (Who Laughs).

‘Vitrína Deniska’ closely cooperates with Pastiche Filmz and with PAF – Festival of Film Animation and modern art.